CDC Says Quarantine Should Only Last 10 Days,But Cases Likely Much Higher

A new study from the CDC suggests that the U.S. may have many more coronavirus cases than have been reported, UPI reports. Data shows that the actual number of cases were six to 24 times higher than the number reported in 10 different locales across the United States, and that in seven other locations, there were at least 10 times more cases than reported. "The findings may reflect the number of persons who had mild or no illness or who did not seek medical care or undergo testing but who still may have contributed to ongoing virus transmission in the population," the CDC says. According toTheWashington Post, the CDC also reduced the amount of time you should self-isolate should you test positive but are asymptomatic, dropping from 14 days to 10 days. For those showing symptoms, the CDC now recommends that they self-isolate for 10 days after symptoms begin and 24 hours after their fever has broken. Studies have shown that infected people are usually only contagious for four to nine days. The CDC did say that a “limited number of persons with severe illness" may need to quarantine for up to 20 days. Read more here