Woman Sparks Debate Over What Is “Normal” Sex Drive

Everybody’s sex drive is different, but one woman has started a debate online as to what is considered “normal,” and folks are certainly opinionated.

A woman shared her issues on the UK forum Mumsnet, writing, “DP wants sex daily and would love it to be multiple times a day, whereas I'm happy with twice a week or every other day at most.” She adds that if they go a day or two without having sex he seems “frustrated,” making her feel “inadequate,” and then asked, “what is your normal?”

Well, folks certainly had no issue chiming in, and there were a variety of answers, with some noting that their sex drive has recently diminished thanks to the coronavirus lockdowns. 

Responses include:

  • “In lockdown once a month. Non lockdown twice a month, we would both like it more but with him working full time and a teenager and 10 year old it is hard to get time alone.”
  • “Together 11 years... Half the time we’ll do it every other day, half the time we’ll go a fortnight or so. We’ll have the odd week where we are at it like rabbits.”
  • 'I have zero interest in lockdown. He is driving me up the wall all day and I have no personal space. Its the last thing I want.”
  • “I think it depends how old you are, how long you have been together etc. Me and my partner have been together for 10 years and have 2 young kids and it's once a week at most.”
  • “Probably 5 times a week at the moment. I want it more than him.”
  • Finally, on person put gave an obvious answer. “There is no 'normal'. There's only what works for you, and whatever that is, is normal.”

Source:Daily Mail