Lawmakers Consider Cutting Unemployment Benefits From $600 to $100 Per Week

Republicans are thinking about giving only $100 per week to those on unemployment benefits, according to CNBC. The current benefit of $600 a week--which the unemployed get on top of their regular benefits--ends this month after Congress approved it in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Republicans, who have the majority in the Senate, say that such a high payment was deterring people from going back to work because many make more with unemployment. About 30 million people are currently getting unemployment benefits in some form. "Republicans have had months to propose a plan for extending supercharged unemployment benefits, and they still have nothing to offer,” said Democratic Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. The unemployment-check debate is just one part of an overall stimulus bill set to be released this week before a month-long August hiatus. However, not all Republicans are on board yet. "I'm not only a no, I'm a hell no," said Texas Senator Ted Cruz on his own party's proposal.Read more here