How To Start Working Out If You’ve Never Done It

So you’re ready to get into a fitness routine for the first time ever, but where do you start? If you’ve never really worked out regularly, it can feel intimidating. But the thing to remember is everyone starts somewhere. You won’t be pulling off a headstand in your very first yoga class, but your teacher didn’t either. What matters is finding an exercise program that works for you and that you’ll stick with for the long haul and certified personal trainers and group fitness instructors say this is how you do it.

  • Identify your “why” - Figuring out why you’re ready to commit to a regular workout program will help you stay motivated, consistent and positive when you’re first starting to work out.
  • Invest in some gear- The exact things you’ll need will depend on what kind of exercise program you do, but comfortable, supportive shoes and workout clothes you feel comfortable in are good basics to start with.
  • Start by scheduling just two workouts a week- And work your way up to three or four days a week, but try to make movement a daily thing, even if it’s just a 15-minute walk.
  • “Date” different types of workouts until you find the ones you truly like- Play the field with workouts until you find one that’s the best fit for you.
  • Avoid the “too much” trap- A common mistake beginners make it trying to do too much, too soon. It’s good to be eager, but overdoing it can burn you out, so take it gradually.
  • Think about working with a personal trainer- If you can afford it, a few sessions with a personal trainer - you can hire virtual trainers - will help guide you through the basics and make sure your form is correct.
  • Have a game plan to make things smoother- Create an “insurance policy” for the days when you’re not feeling motivated to stick to your new fitness goals. This can be as easy as asking a friend who also works out to check in on you and nudge you to stay on track.