Celebs Team Up To Return Child’s Special Missing Bear

The search is on for 28-year-oldMara Soriano’smissing teddy bear – and celebrities are leading the charge.Ryan Reynoldsis among the stars calling on fans to help search for the Vancouver woman’s beloved teddy bear, which holds a very special place in her heart.

Why? The teddy bear features her mom’s voice, her final voice recording before dying of cancer last year at 53. Mara is missing more items after her backpack was stolen – like an iPad and Nintendo Switch – but she really cares about the “mama bear.”

Taking to Twitter, native Canadian Reynolds has offered $5,000 to whoever returns the bear to Mara, “zero questions asked.” If anyone has information on where “mama bear” could be, they’re asked to email Soriano atfindmamabearyvr@gmail.com.Check out the post – and the bear – below.

Source:Ryan Reynolds