Landlord Lets Family Who Can’t Pay Rent Stay & Gives Them $$

An Ohio dad who had $0 left in his family’s bank account says he was out of options, So whenWesMoberly’slandlord came knocking on the door, he was bracing for the worst. But he and his family were met with a generous surprise - the landlord,Ellery Lewis, let them stay, even though they can’t pay rent.

Wes lost his information technology job 10 weeks ago and he hasn’t had a paycheck since. His phone has been turned off and he’s used the money he did have to put food on the table for him, his fiance, and their twin five-year-old daughters. But their landlord says they always paid their rent on time, until June and July, so instead of an eviction notice, he reached into his pocket and gave them $100 and is letting them stay in the house.

Lewis is working out a payment plan for Wes until he gets back on his feet. “I would want someone to do the same for me,” he says.

Source:News Channel 9