Organizers Host Car Rally For The Safe Reopening Of Schools

From KOB-TV:

A Saturday car rally outside APS headquarters put pressure on school leaders to increase COVID safety measures for students if they return to the classroom. The rally was organized by the youth-led organization Fight for Our Lives. Their goal is to keep APS students online only for the upcoming school year.

The organization had 10 demands for the school district. After the revised reentry plan was released, there were only four demands left to meet for them to feel comfortable with kids heading back to school:

  1. Provide regular ongoing COVID-19 testing and contact tracing for K-12 students, teachers, and school faculty.
  2. APS must conduct daily temperature checks for K-12 students, staff, school faculty and enforce a "no exception" quarantine, when necessary.
  3. APS must mandate a district-wide public safety hotline to report noncompliance complaints.
  4. APS must stop criminalizing the children! The proposed use of APS Police in response to children who are symptomatic for COVID-19 will result in the further over-policing and criminalization of our vulnerable and minority communities.

KOB 4 sent the remaining demands to APS for clarification. This is the full statement sent to us by a spokesperson:

"APS and all 89 public school districts are required to follow all policies and guidelines set by the DOH and PED. All guidelines are subject to change based on the status of the virus."