STUDY: COVID-19 Is Messing With Our Perception of Time

Living through a pandemic isn’t just messing with our overall health, dreams, and social lives. A new study has found it’s also messing with our perception of time.

Researchers in the UK have found that social distancing combined with our age and activity levels reflect how quickly or slowly time has passed for us since earlier this year.

40% of study participants thought time had dragged since the start of the pandemic, 40% felt it had flown by, and 20% felt their perception of time stayed the same.

Participants over the age of 65 with high stress levels and a hard time handling social distancing were the most likely to say time has dragged since the start of the pandemic. Younger people who have handled social distancing better and found other ways to stay busy found pandemic time to move a lot faster.But seriously, how is it almost August already?!(Daily Motion)