APS Forced To Operate With Less Money

From KOB-TV/Patrick Hayes

Albuquerque Public Schools is planning to do more with less during the upcoming school year.

APS leaders held a special meeting Monday morning to go over the district's finances, and plans to reopen.

The district is facing an uphill battle that includes sending kids to school during a pandemic while losing millions of dollars.

On top of losing $10 million last year due to a decline in enrollment, the district believes it will lose about $10 million more due to lower enrollment this year. Future cuts due to the state's economy are estimated at $10 million-$25 million. 

Recently, the state cut $700,000 from the district's transportation budget. 

The district says it needed that money to get kids to and from school safely.

The district is still hoping to get money from FEMA to help play for personal protective equipment.

APS has not been forced to layoff anyone. The district also does not have a hiring freeze in place. However, officials say they are being careful about what jobs they post.

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