The Pandemic Is Especially Hard For Adolescent Girls

Many people are struggling with being stuck at home so much during the pandemic, but a new study has found that adolescent girls are being hit particularly hard. TheWall Street Journal reports that the Rox Institute for Research and Training, which conducted a nationwide study in May, found that 78 percent of fifth- through eighth-grade girls are feeling more lonely and isolated since the pandemic began. The study also found that one-third of the 10-to-14-year-olds spend four or more hours a day on social media apps; Lisa Hinkelman, the founder and CEO of Rox's nonprofit organization, says the hours on social media contribute to the loneliness. “They were all in this together a few months ago when no one was allowed to be out and about, but now, with changing state restrictions and some families being more permissive about allowing sleepovers and trips, they can feel like they’re the only ones stuck at home,” Hinkelman says. “It’s not just the fear of missing out, it’s the actual missing out." In addition, clinical psychologist Dr. Mary Pipher says that these girls are at a critical developmental stage, so spending more time on social media and less face-to-face time with friends can be harmful. Read more here