Woman Gives Away Thousands Of Face Masks On Tree Outside Her Home

When the pandemic hit and Beverly Ramsey was laid off from her job as a preschool teacher, she found a way to spend her time and help others by sewing face masks. She started creating them for family and friends, and they were so popular she wanted to share them with her community in Greensboro, North Carolina.

So Ramsey started hanging the masks on a tree outside her home so people didn’t have to come face-to-face and could get them while social distancing. They were such a hit, she’s been making about 250 masks a week since and her 80-year-old mother helps, too. Now she goes outside to talk to some of the mask recipients and that’s added a benefit for her.

"I met people and talked to people that I've lived among for lots of years, and I've had no idea how amazing they are," Ramsey says.