*LIST* The Axios Harris Poll Of The Most Reputable Companies In The U.S.

When spending money, some folks feel better about shelling out their hard earned dollars if they’re going to a company they can trust, and now a new survey reveals which ones are the most reputable out there.

  • The annual Axios Harris Poll 100 has just been released.
  • It’s an annual ranking of the reputations of the most visible U.S. companies.
  • A company’s ranking is based on seven criteria:
    • Trust
    • Vision
    • Growth
    • Products and Services
    • Culture
    • Ethics
    • Citizenship (sharing my values and support good causes)
  • Topping the list this year is the Clorox Company, which earned a score of 82.8, followed by The Hershey Company, with a score of 81.5.

The Axios Harris Poll Top Ten Companies With The Best Reputation

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  1. The Clorox Company
  2. The Hershey Company
  3. Amazon.com
  4. Publix Super Markets
  5. General Mills
  6. Wegmans
  7. Costco
  8. Proctor & Gamble
  9. The Kroger Company
  10. UPS
  • Companies at the bottom of the list tend to struggle in the area of citizenship, ethics and trust.
  • Companies landing at the bottom of the list include:
  1. Juul Labs
  2. The Trump Organization
  3. Monstanto
  4. Facebook
  5. Wellls Fargo & Company
  6. Twitter
  7. Fox Corporation
  8. Comcast
  9. JC Penney
  10. BP

Source:The Harris Poll