SUMMER: Your Summer Drink – Based on Your Sign

Are you getting tired of hard seltzer, but don’t know what summer drink to indulge in? Why not look to the stars to tell you what you should be drinking? According to astrologer Skye Alexander, author ofMagickal Astrology, these are the signature summer drinks you should be sipping, according to your zodiac sign:

Aquarius: Frozen Daiquiri – A frozen drink that masks the flavor of the alcohol with fruit. Just like the sign, which likes to be friendly and social but holds her cards close to her chest.

Pisces: Mojito -- Sweet and refreshing, just like a Pisces.

Aries: Bloody Mary -- The spicier the better for this saucy and fiery sign.

Taurus: Margarita – Perfect for the laid back, yet indulgent Taurus. You’d probably prefer yours blended with fruit.

Gemini: Wine Spritzer – This light and refreshing summer drink mimics a Gemini’s personality perfectly.

Cancer: Piña Colada -- A pineapple is the universal symbol meaning “welcome,” which perfectly describes this happy homebody.

Leo: Mint Julep – It’s the classic high-society summer drink -- with all the drama that goes with it. That suits Leo to a “T.”

Virgo: Vodka Cranberry -- Health conscious and active Virgos will always lean toward a drink that doubles as an antioxidant elixir. Bonus points if you cut the calories with some refreshing sparkling water.

Libra: Gin & Tonic -- This classic drink never goes out of style, and that’s a Libra’s life mantra.

Scorpio: Hurricane – A passionate drink for the most passionate sign in the zodiac.

Sagittarius: Sangria – It’s a fun drink and there are so many different ways to make it -- which is perfect for the adventurous Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Martini -- Classic, strong, and straightforward … describes both the drink and the sign. (BHG)