Dad Walks Out Of Gender Reveal Party After Seeing Pink

Part of being a good parent is being able to roll with the punches. It’s not always easy to do and for some parents, it starts as soon as they find out whether they’re having a boy or a girl. That’s where one dad was recently, when he discovered his wife was havinganotherbaby girl and he was so disappointed, he walked out of their gender reveal party.

The guy shares the story onReddit's“Am I the A-hole” section, explaining that he and his wife already have a five-year-old daughter and are expecting baby number two and didn’t find out the gender until the party. But at the big moment, when he saw the sparkler turn pink, the thought of having another daughter was too much for him. He admits he felt “bitter disappointment” and that he feels “outnumbered.” “All I was hoping for baby #2 is to be able to toss a ball around with him and coach little league,” the dad writes, adding that he’s already “started to deal with the dramas of being a father of a girl and the thought of having to double up now on the neuroticism was harrowing.”

When his wife saw his reaction, she told him to pull it together, but he couldn’t. He says he snapped and just walked out of the party. She was understandably upset by this, but he defends his leaving, saying he just needed some alone time. The dad doesn’t think he was wrong and asks Redditors what they think. Pretty much all of them agree he was out of line here. Lots of users point out that nothing is stopping him from tossing a ball with a girl and that he shouldn’t feel “outnumbered” by his wife and daughters because they’re all on the same team.

Source:The Stir