Mother-In-Law From Hell Interrupts Her Son’s Wedding

At this point we’re not surprised to hear truly awful stories about mothers-in-law, but this one just might take the cake.

A video that had been making the rounds on TikTok (before being taken down) shows how one mother-in-law reacted during her son’s wedding and folks are downright shocked. The person who posted it notes that it happened a few years ago at her sister’s wedding, and shows the MIL actually interrupting the ceremony.

The woman who posted the video notes, “Her MIL has always hated her. She's just [one] of those MIL's that feels my sister is taking her son away." In the clip, the bride is in the middle of saying her vows when the MIL, Judy, gets up and stops her, shouting, “You don't have to say my son has flaws!"

The bride tells the MIL to leave, but she replied, "No, I don't have to leave! That dress you're wearing, we paid for!" As others try to calm the MIL down, the bride tells her “You're not going to ruin my day,” and the MIL once again says, “You are not going to say my son has flaws!" to which the bride responds, "Everybody has flaws and that's why I love him.” When the MIL tries to argue that the bride has flaws, the groom finally speaks up and tells his mother to leave, and as the bride’s mom tries to show her to the door, Judy shoots back, “Try, and I'll have you arrested!"

When the video picks up the MIL is still sitting watching the rest of the ceremony but the poster notes she waited until they started taking pictures to “start sh*t again.” A male voice then tells her she has flaws, adding that she needs to learn how to act like an adult, to which she fights back “Are you serious? I have the flaws? Are you kidding?" Someone finally put the MIL in her place, telling her, “Excuse me. This is not your day, and this is not about you," adding, "She's in love with your son -- accept it." The video ends with footage of the bride taking the groom’s hands in an attempt to comfort him.

As you can imagine, folks who saw the video couldn’t quite believe it.

  • “That’s so messed up,” one wrote. “She’s trying to be happy but she still puts up with her MIL AND she was still nice enough to even invite her knowing that."
  • Another added, “I am shocked no one else starts fighting then and there. I wanna show up and fight her and I don’t even know them."
  • Some wondered why the husband didn't do more, with one sharing, "He should've walked his mom out the side door as soon as she spoke up."
  • Finally, one person said what a lot of people were probably thinking, sharing, "I would not marry into that."