Couple Adopts Baby After Game Show Win

A husband and wife who had always wanted to adopt a child decided to try to make it happen when something unexpected happened in their lives.Aaron and Holly figured they would have biological kids first and save money for adoption fees, but after he won $25-thousand on his favorite game show, “Hollywood Game Night,” they changed their game plan.

Becoming parents moved to the top of their priority list and they started the adoption process. Aaron and Holly had been warned that it could take months or even years to be contacted about a potential adoptee, so they were shocked when they got the call just three weeks later. And even more surprising? The birth mother was due in six weeks and wanted to meet them. The couple hopped in the car and drove nine hours to meet her.

Their initial meeting was a success and the birth mom told them she felt comfortable and wanted to move forward with adoption plans for them to be the parents. They started preparing for the arrival of their baby and within a few weeks, she was here. The couple says the moment they first met little Eliza they instantly “fell in love.” They’re extremely grateful to her birth mom for giving them the gift of becoming parents and Holly adds, “We did not take for granted that this meant she had chosen the most difficult, loving, selfless and courageous action a mother can make for her child.”