Don’t Put Hand Sanitizer on Your Dog’s Paws

Everyone has gone hand sanitizer crazy, thanks to COVID-19 -- and that includes dog owners. The latest trend is dog owners putting hand sanitizer on their dog’s paws. Problem is, hand sanitizer isreallybad for animals and should never be used as a disinfectant for your pets.

Not surprisingly, these animals are getting really sick. The hand sanitizer not only absorbs through their paw pads, but the dogs are licking the yucky stuff off their feet as well.

The drying effects of the alcohol in the sanitizer is damaging their paw pads and causing cracks and tears, which can result in infections, and the ingesting of the hand sanitizer is causing digestive distress -- and, in some cases, poisoning.

The FDA just released an announcement urging dog owners to stop the practice of putting hand sanitizer on their pups' paws. Instead, if you are worried about where your dog has walked, buy some specifically designed pet wipes that are safe for the pads of their feet. Otherwise, stick with gentle soap and water. (Today)