Why You Shouldn’t Microwave Your Tea

Nearly every British household has an electric kettle for brewing tea, but Americans seem to prefer to just ‘heat water up in the microwave’ for their hot tea preparation. But that’s not the way to go, apparently.

You see, microwaves don’t heat water evenly...and the highest temperature is always at the top of the liquid. Conversely, heating water with a kettle or on a stove allows the warm water to rise and the cold water goes to the bottom, giving evenly heated water. Why is this a BIG DEAL? You need evenly heated water for the best hot tea!

There IS some good news—researchers have come up with a glass with specially designed silver plating on the rim. Even though microwaving metal is usually a no-no, it looks like the scientists have figured out a way to use this new glass safely and it won’t be long before you’ll be able to use it too.

Source:Food & Wine

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