Asymptomatic COVID-19 Patients as Contagious as Those With Symptoms

People who have COVID-19, but aren’t showing symptoms, are as contagious as those with symptoms, says a new study published Thursday in JAMA Internal Medicine. The study also found that those who test positive but are asymptomatic, continue to test positive for 18 days, slightly less than the 20 days for those with symptoms. Asymptomatic patients also showed evidence of "viral shedding,” meaning they were contagious for at least 30 days after confirmed diagnosis. The study examined 303 patients in isolation with confirmed COVID-19. 81 percent of those didn't have symptoms at the time of diagnosis, and about 19 percent of those eventually showed symptoms. "Because transmission by asymptomatic patients with [COVID-19] may be a key factor in community spread, population-based surveillance and isolation of asymptomatic patients may be required,” researchers said. Read more here