STUDY: Parents Spend One Day a Month Doing Housework

How much housework do you do in a week? According to a recent study by Arm & Hammer, if you’re the average American parent it’s a lot -- 5 hours and 54 minutes a week or a whopping 23 hours and 36 minutes a month! That’s nearly an entire day wasted scrubbing toilets and washing floors. UGH!

The most time-consuming tasks, according to the research, are sweeping and dusting, cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry. There’s a plus side to spending so much time at home during this pandemic, however. The study found that 39% of parents say their kids are helping out a lot more with the laundry and 59% say their partners are stepping in to help with all those dirty clothes as well.Somehow when it’s bathroom cleaning day everyone is busy, however…(Daily Motion)