The Boring Thing That Could Improve Your Relationship

Remember date night?The kind we used to have that included goingoutof the house, putting your phone away for some one-on-one time to connect with your boo? Lots of couples used to count on date nights to get time with their S.O. and when the pandemic hit, they couldn’t go anywhere and have the date nights they were used to.

It sounds like that would be bad for a relationship, right? But couples therapistZach Brittlesays it’s actually just a chance to boost your relationship rituals. What’s that, you ask? He explains it’s something that happens on a regular basis and it’s all about a couple creating time that’s just for them. It doesn’t have to seem overly romantic, it could be as basic as cleaning the kitchen and listening to music together every night when the kids are in bed. The important thing is that it’s a recurring thing they do together.

“Lasting love is fed by little, everyday moments of connection,” according to psychologist and relationship expertDr. John Gottman. So it’s the tiny interactions that matter, more than grand, sweeping gestures and that’s good news for most of us because it’s hard to sustain those, especially right now. It may not sound as exciting as date nights on the town, but sometimes boring is better.