People Are Brushing Their Teeth More Over "Mask Breath"

Thanks to needing to wear masks in the COVID-19 environment, we all know how our breath smells. The upside is, we are understanding the need for dental hygiene more, too.

Dr. Squatchand One Poll did a survey to find out about toothbrushing habits and the stats are surprising in some cases. Here’s what they discovered:

  • 81% say bad breath is a massive turn off
  • Two-thirds of people don’t kiss their boo in the morning due to morning breath
  • Over half are concerned about their breath because they don’t want to be considered “dirty”
  • 35% Americans polled admit they don’t brush their teeth twice a day — nearly one in 10 say they don’t even brush once a day
  • 79% say they have to brush their teeth otherwise they’ll feel “off”
  • 34% struggle to remember to brush twice a day
  • 36% with a daily routine still are likely to miss the nighttime brushing

Dr. Squatch is taking advantage of the face mask eye opener to help people make tooth brushing a daily routine. They say, “We wanted to elevate brushing from a bothersome chore that you have to force yourself to do twice a day, to an engaging part of a healthy morning and night routine.”

Source:SWNS Digital