People Are Participating In The "Pandemic Purge"

Baking bread is so early pandemic … the latest trend in the time of coronavirus is the “Pandemic Purge.” Maybe it’s a result of everyone spending so much time at home, but it seems people are focusing on getting organized and de-cluttering.

If you’re thinking about undertaking the task, here are sometipsto help you get started and avoid getting overwhelmed:

Start small …reallysmall: Tackle a junk drawer or your office desk. Experts say you should never start with something like the entire garage. You’ll just burn out and get frustrated -- quickly. Little organized victories lead to bigger projects and less stress.

Pick a project and stick with it until it’s done: Don’t start work on a hall closet and get distracted with the spare bedroom. Finish one project to completion before starting another one or else you will end up with a big mess that will likely never get done.

Declutter your cords: That mess of wires will make even a minimalist room look messy. Use cord concealers and zip ties to keep everything tidy and out of sight.

Don’t rent a storage unit: That stuff will just become a burden. You’re basically just moving your pile of junk somewhere else and avoiding the inevitable. You need to go through it and decide what is important.

Tackle the paper: Scan and shred is your new mantra.

Everything should have a place: When everything has a designated place there’s no room for clutter.