College Students Have Big Worries About Returning To Campus In The Fall

College students should be heading back to campus pretty soon, but it seems most students aren’t excited about the beginning of a new semester, and it has nothing to do with having to hit the books again, and everything to do with the coronavirus.

A new ValuePenguin survey of full-time college students finds:

  • 31% are really worried about their safety on campus this fall.
  • 36% are worried about contracting the coronavirus if they return to campus.
  • And if they do, 78% don’t trust their schools on-campus health facility will provide the quality care they need.
  • 11% of students say they were misdiagnosed at an on-campus health facility in the past.
  • And it’s not just physical health students are worried about, with 49% reporting struggling with feelings of loneliness during the pandemic.

And it seems a lot of students seem to have a great deal of distrust for their fellow students.

  • In fact, 34% of students absolutely don’t trust that their fellow students will practice social distancing and healthy habits.
  • 54% somewhat trust that they will, with female students showing less trust than male students.
  • What’s more, less than 25% of students feel completely safe about living in the dorms.
  • Plus, athird of students say their school hasn’t sent them enough coronavirus-related communication.