A Third Of Women Suffered DIY Beauty Treatment Disasters At Home

During lockdown a lot of gals were forced to go without their usual beauty treatments, whether it be manicures, hair coloring, waxing or more. Many attempted to do these things on their own, and according to a new survey, they quickly learned why they pay professionals to do them. 

A new survey finds:

  • Most women gave themselves some sort of DIY beauty treatment during lockdown.
  • 34% said the quick fix made them feel good.
  • 22% said they did so in order to take control of their own self-care.
  • 28% feel self-care helped get them through the rough times.
  • The top beauty treatments women tried at home include:
    • Face masks (64%)
    • Hair removal cream (64%)
    • Hair dye (61%)
    • Hair cut (43%)
    • Fringe trim (43%)
    • Leg waxing (41%)
    • Hair mask (41%)
    • Self-tan (from a bottle) (41%)
    • Pedicure (40%)
    • Foot exfoliator (38%)

But not all women were successful with their at-home beauty treatments.

  • In fact, 34% of women admit their attempt at DIY treatments ended in disaster.
  • Such disasters included:
    • Wonky eyebrows
    • Shaving off eyebrows
    • Streaky tans
    • Upper lip burns from hair removal cream
    • Green hair from DIY highlights
    • Wax that didn’t come off skin
    • Reactions to homemade face masks.
  • Things were so bad that 33% of gals say they needed a professional to fix their mistakes. 

Source:SWNS Digital