Specific Features People Are Most Attracted To In A Partner

The idea that someone is attracted to a potential mate based only on their personality is romantic, but the thing is, humans are still pretty superficial when it comes to chemistry. And it turns out, a lot of people find the same things attractive. Need proof that most people find others attractive based on how they look? Check out this information that comes straight from surveys about what people find most attractive.

These are the top five features most likely to create instant chemistry, based on those findings:

  • Smile- It may be the most universally mentioned feature people consider important to physical attraction. According to Match.com’sSingles in America pollof more than 5-thousand unmarried people, most singles judge their date by “the big three” traits - teeth, followed by grammar and confidence.
  • Eyes- A survey of 1,000 people fromFastLife.comasked about their biggest physical turn-ons and turn-offs and both women and men agree that “eyes are the most important facial feature in a potential partner.” The majority of both sexes find blue to be the most attractive eye color, but they differ on their second choices. Men tend to prefer women with green eyes over brown, but women go for men with brown eyes over green.
  • Stomach- In that same poll, a man’s stomach was deemed the most attractive non-facial feature for women. Coming in first with the men was a woman’s booty, but it was followed closely by the stomach.
  • Breasts- In news that’s not surprising to anyone, asurveyof more than 6-thousand “Men’s Health” Twitter followers finds the physical feature they find most attractive is boobs.
  • Hair- According todatafrom 81-thousand user profiles on the dating site Plenty of Fish, a man’s hair color is pretty important to women. Their research shows men who have brown hair get 20% more messages than men with any other hair color, followed by blonds, and it turns out not having hair works for a lot of women, as baldies get the third most messages.

Source:She Knows