Twitter Adds Feature That Allows Folks To Limit Replies

There’s noting worse than being bombarded by trolls on Twitter but now the social media platform is introducing a new feature that may guard their users against that.

The social media site has just launched a new feature that enables users to limit who can reply to their tweets. Whereas before anyone and everyone could reply to a tweet, users can now choose from three reply options, allowing everyone to reply, only people they follow, or only people they mention in the tweets.

If users limit replies, the tweet will be labeled as such, and the reply icon will be grayed out for those not given permission to comment. Those people, however, will still be able to not only view the tweet, but retweet it, retweet with a comment, share and like it.

Twitter started testing out the feature in May, and users indicated that it made them feel safer. It also made them feel protected from spam and abuse. It is available to everyone, including political figures, including the President, although legalexpert Jasmine McNealynotes, "It should be known for public officials that you shouldn't be using this feature to cut off anyone.”

Source:USA Today