Dennis Quaid The Shelter Cat Gets Adopted By The Actual Actor

Actor Dennis Quaidsays he's "out to save all the Dennis Quaids of the world" and that starts with a cat.

He happened to see a story about a cat named after him at a Virginia animal shelter and wanted to rescue the little guy. It started when Roanoke, Virginia's NBC affiliate WSLS ran a story about a "clear out the shelter" event. The two female anchors chuckled and were amused at the cat's name. The story went viral from their and Dennis Quaid the actor picked up on it. 

The shelter didn't think it was real at first when the actor contacted them. Who would? , They assumed it was probably a prank.

A friend of Quaid's plans to fly from Los Angeles this weekend to get the cat. Quaid says maybe more shelters should name animals after celebrities and see who bites.

Source: WSLS