Americans Losing Sleep Thanks To Heightened Stress Levels

The coronavirus has certainly left a lot of people stressed over the past five months or so, and apparently all that stress is wreaking havoc on people’s sleep cycles.

A new survey finds:

  • Over half of those polled say stress over the coronavirus has affected their sleeping habits.
  • 57% say they steer clear of the news at night because it stresses them out.
  • 60% say their mental health has been affected by the COVID news cycle.
  • 78% say their mental health issues have impacted their sleeping habits..
  • Currently 40% say their sleep schedule is the biggest stress point in their life.
  • Other top stressors include:
    • Work life (41%)
    • Finances (36%)
    • Sex life (30%)
    • Romantic life (27%)

So, what are folks doing to try and improve their sleep schedules?

  • 36% say they are eating healthier, while 31% are exercising.
  • Other things they are doing include:
    • Reading a book before bed (27%)
    • Listen to music before bed (27%)
    • Take a warm bath or shower before bed (26%)
    • Meditating (26%)
    • Have sex before bed (21%)
    • Take an over-the-counter sleep aid (20%)
    • Purchase higher quality pillows (19%)
    • Listen to a podcast before bed (18%)
    • Remove digital devices from their bedroom (17%)

Source:SWNS Digital