New App Lets People Rent Out Their Pools

From KOB-TV:

Since COVID-19 has closed most public pools this summer, a new app is helping people find ways to stay cool.

 The ‘Swimply’ app lets people search for pools in their area and rent them out by the hour.

"Yesterday was my first customer here they rented it out for an hour—it’s by the hour. So far, so good. Everybody enjoyed it and I made a little money on the side,” said Sam Giron, a pool owner.

Giron said his brother-in-law told him about the app. Now it's helping him bring in extra cash to maintain the pool.

Swimply lets users find pools with COVID-safe practices and let's pool owners set rules, a guest limit and offer a private entrance option.

Pool renting fees run between $45 to $60 an hour.

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