Girl Scouts to Add French Toast-Flavored Cookies Called "Toast-Yays"

Because we're all guilty of sneaking a few Girl Scout cookies for breakfast, the Girl Scouts of the USA will soon roll out a new sweet treat that tastes like French toast. The organization announced Tuesday that its 2021 cookie lineup will feature a new creation called the "Toast-Yay!," featuring a top layer of maple syrup-flavored frosting, a crunchy texture and a shape like an actual piece of French toast. (It'll even boast a raised crust edge!) A Girl Scouts rep tells HuffPo the unique name "is designed to be a play on words for ‘toasty'... 'Toast’ draws on the cookie’s unique toast shape and attributes of French Toast, and ‘yay!’ celebrates joy." The New York Post notes that the Toast-Yay! is already available in select areas and will become available nationwide starting in January when the 2021 Girl Scout cookie season gets underway. The group is planning for virtual cookies sales, as well as socially distant, contact-free ordering and delivering. Read more here