Workdays Are 48 Minutes Longer Than They Used to Be Because of the Pandemic

If it feels like you're working more during the pandemic, you're probably right! A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that the average workday has gotten longer by 48.5 minutes since coronavirus lockdowns began. And it seems more meetings are to blame, with the study also finding that meetings have increased by 12.9 percent. Experts note that it can also be hard to set an official end to your workday when you work from home. “Some people struggle to turn off at the end of the day since they no longer have that change in environment to mark the end of a workday,” explains clinical psychologist Brian Wind. “Others struggle to stay focused during the day since they have more distractions at home, and that is especially true of people with kids. They can easily feel overwhelmed all day — like they’re working all the time but never getting anything done.” Read more here