Court Rules Parents Aren’t Obligated To Financially Support Adult Child

Any parent whose adult children are still asking them for money help may want to consider moving to Italy. That’s because Italy's Supreme Court recently ruled parents are under no obligation to financially support their adult children, even if those children aren’t financially independent. 

The ruling was based on a five-year case brought by a 35-year-old part-time musician who claimed his annual income of about $24,000 a year wasn’t adequate so he expected financial support from his parents. He was seeking a monthly allowance of $360 from his parents. 

The court ruled financial support from parents “cannot continue indefinitely” in cases where a child doesn’t have any physical or mental impairment. JudgeMaria Cristina Giancola added that children can’t use not being able to find an adequate job as an excuse. She notes, "The (adult) child must in any case actively search for a job to ensure an independent livelihood."