13-Year-Old Boy With a Stutter Steals Hearts During DNC

A 13-year-old boy with a stutter who met Joe Biden on the campaign trail in New Hampshire stole the show--and viewers' hearts--during the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night. Brayden Harrington gave a succinct and eloquent endorsement for the former vice president while revealing how the two had bonded over their shared stuttering issues. "I’m just a regular kid, and in the short amount of time, Joe Biden made me more confident about something that’s bothered me my whole life," Harrington said in a prerecorded message taped in his bedroom. “Joe Biden cared. Imagine what he can do for all of us. Kids like me are counting on you to elect someone we can all look up to.” Not surprisingly, people on social media swooned over Harrington's courage. "#BraydenHarrington absolutely rocks," one of them tweeted. "What a brave, intelligent, and insightful young man!" Read more here https://news.yahoo.com/a-fellow-stutterer-tells-dnc-how-biden-helped-and-inspired-him-032517653.html