Mom’s DIY Fix To Keep Kids Focused While Learning

A lot of parents are trying to figure out how they’re going to keep their kids focused while doing remote learning this school year, but one mom in Kentucky has come up with a clever solution.Angelina Harper, a special education teacher from Louisville, has created workstations for her three kids, eight-year-oldAubrieand six-year-old twinsPaigeandPeyton. The mom shared her DIY fix on social media, where it’s gone viral and other parents are loving it.

So what is this simple solution? Harper bought tri-fold foam boards and cut them in half, setting them up to create a private workstation for each child. They each have the kid’s name, a pouch for their daily schedule, a light, a calendar and a hook to hang headphones. She also put up positive messages like “You can do this!” and “Try your best!”

The stations are portable, flexible and affordable - Harper says she spent less than $20 on each one and bought a lot of the supplies at the dollar store. And the fact that you can easily move them will come in handy when your kid decides they want to sit on the floor one day instead of at their desk or a table. It might not keep them focused on their schoolwork, but it’s got to help cut down on distractions.

Source:Good Morning America