HOME: Expert Cleaning Hacks

No one likes doing housework. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of life -- unless, of course, you want to live in a dirty, stinky house. Thankfully, there are ways to make the task as easy and painless as possible, and cleaning experts know the best tricks.

Here are some expert cleaning hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner:

  • Use dryer sheets to clean your pans: That dark grime on your cookie sheets and pans won’t come off with regular cleanings. Instead fill up the sink with warm, soapy water, and a dryer sheet. Leave your discolored cookware to soak for at least an hour. Then, simply rinse with clean water and you’ve got sparkling clean pans.
  • Clean wooden cutting boards with lemon and salt: Wood will warp and crack in the dishwasher, so sprinkle some salt on your cutting board instead. Let it sit for a while and then rub with a lemon before rinsing it away to get rid of germs, bacteria and stains. This works on shower doors too.
  • Clean bathroom mildew with vodka: Fill a spray bottle with half water and half vodka and spray it on the problem areas. Leave for 10 minutes and then simply wipe it away with a clean rag.
  • Freshen up your mattress once a month with baking soda: First give it a good vacuum and then sprinkle it with baking soda. Leave it on for a few hours and then vacuum again. (MSN)