These Are the States People Are Moving To..and NM is #2

The COVID crisis has forced many people to move to a different state – some temporarily, and some permanently. According to a new survey by professional moving marketplaceHireAHelper, 15% of respondents who moved between January and June did so because of the pandemic. 37% of those who moved said they did it because they couldn't afford their place after losing household income due to the pandemic. 33% decided to move to quarantine at the homes of friends and family.

Business Insideranalyzed data from HireAHelper to determine which states saw the biggest net moves. These are the nine states with more people moving in that out:

  1. Idaho: 194% more people moved into the state than out.
  2. New Mexico: 44% increase.
  3. Delaware: 30% increase
  4. South Carolina: 26% increase.
  5. Maine: 13% increase.
  6. Kentucky: 8% increase.
  7. (tie) Arizona: 2% increase.
  8. (tie) Oregon: 2% increase.
  9. North Carolina: 1% increase.

The largest net losses during the pandemic were in New York (64%) and California (63%) -- with more people moving out of the state than moving in.