Report: President Trump Allegedly Trying To Deport Prince Harry

According to "Woman's Day,"President Trumpallegedlyhas his eyes set on deporting Prince Harry. According to the report, Trump could target Prince Harry through his visa. After all, he is just on a visitor visa and he hasn’t also applied for a green card. 

In the past, Prince Harry’s wife,Meghan, has actively criticized the president by calling him "misogynistic. The remark,allegedly, upset Trump.

While the president is a big fan of the Royals, especially the Queen, a source says that's where the love stops. “The president doesn’t like Meghan and Harry," the snitch offers. "I heard he knows about the California house purchase and threatened to look in on his visa status personally. I’m sure nothing would please Trump more than deporting Harry – who is about as high profile a naysayer as you can possibly get – if there is any chance to trip him up on his visa status."

Source: Woman's Day