Study: Women Feel Worse About Themselves After Breakup Sex

Breakups can be confusing and loaded with a range of emotions, so it’s no surprise that lots of recent exes end up back in bed together soon after ending things. But men and women tend to have breakup sex – sex with the ex two weeks or less after calling it quits – for totally different reasons. And according tonew research, it also leaves them feeling differently when it’s all said and done.

A team of researchers did two studies to find out how men and women approach breakup sex.

  • The first was with a group of 212 college students, the second involved 292 college students.
  • Both studies find that overall, women tend to want to have sex with their new ex for “emotional and loving reasons, while guys typically do it for “hedonistic reasons” like “wanting to feel good,” “missing having sex,” or “wanting to satisfy their needs.”

The studies also reveal that there’s a gender divide when it comes to the way the former flames feel after the deed is done. Women typically feel better about the relationship, but worse about themselves...while men tend to feel better about themselves. As study authorDr. T. Joel Wadeexplains, “This is due to women being more likely than men to express regret over having a one-time sexual encounter.”