Most Americans Still Prefer To Shop At Supermarket

A lot of Americans relied on supermarket delivery services during the COVID-19 lockdown, but it seems most folks haven’t totally given up on going to the market themselves. 

A new Manifest poll finds:

  • 62% of Americans continue to go to stores to get their groceries.
  • 12% have opted for grocery delivery, while 12% have gone for curbside pickup 
  • When it comes to those who rely on grocery delivery, it seems there’s one service that is favored well above the rest.
  • The poll finds that 53% of Americans say Instacart is their most trusted delivery service, followed by:
    • Amazon Fresh (21%)
    • Peapod (5%)
    • Walmart (4%)
  • As for why most folks still prefer to go to the market rather than use a delivery service:
    • 22% don’t like to pay the extra fees for service and delivery
    • 17% don’t want to risk getting bad produce
    • 11% cite inconvenient drop-off times.
  • As for the benefits of delivery service:
    • 52% say it saves time.
    • 11% believe it’s safer during the pandemic.
    • 10% say it reduces parking and gas costs.