Amazon Debuts Halo Fitness Band That Scans Body Fat, Intensity Of Exercise

Amazon released a new fitness band device Thursday called Halo, which the company says will track your physical and emotional health, including your body fat and even your emotions, UPI reports. The band does not have a screen like other smartwatches and fitness-tracking apps, but delivers data to a phone app. The band has a small sensor that measures body temperature, heart rate, as well as microphones to measure tone of a user's voice to see if they sound stressed or energetic. The company claims the device delivers a holistic approach to health by measuring "not just physical, but also social and emotional well-being." The app also measures intensity and duration of movement, instead of just steps. The Amazon Halo Band and Halo membership for six months became available Thursday to U.S. customers upon request, with a limited time price of $64.99