Americans Say Their Pet Helped Them Survive Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown was hard on everyone, but some folks got through it better than others thanks to the love of their four-legged family.

A new survey finds:

  • 72% of pet owners admit they wouldn’t have survived the coronavirus if it weren’t for the pet’s company.
  • 81% said the time with their pets in lockdown made them feel closer to them than ever before.
  • In fact, 70% of pet owners insist they know their pet a lot better now than pre-lockdown. 

But all that time together has caused pet owners to notice various behavioral changes in their furry friends.

  • 60% actually say they’ve noticed their pet acting differently than before the coronavirus.
  • On the plus side, 27% of people say their pet’s behavior improved, although 17% say it’s gotten worse.
  • As for how their pets’ behavior has changed:
    • They’re more active (36%)
    • They’re more needy (31%)
    • They’re struggling to go up and down the stairs (27%)
    • They are more curious than usual (26%)

Of course, all this extra time with their pets may soon come to an end, and the idea of that has pet owners worried.

  • Two in three pet owners are concerned about how their pets will handle them not being around as much.
  • For this reason, 56% think they’ll cut down on social activities so they can be home more for their pets.
  • Another third plan to take their pet with them whenever they leave the house.
  • 17% are even thinking about getting another pet to give their furbabies a companion for when they go back to work. 

Source:SWNS Digital