Most People Agree – Sex Is Important For Overall Wellness

While folks will adopt a healthy diet, start exercising and practice mindfulness to improve their overall wellness, many could be forgetting about one important aspect of life that could do wonders – sex. 

A new poll finds:

  • 46% of Americans have maintained the same focus on wellness as they did before the coronavirus, while 40% are more focused on it.
  • 97% of Americans believe that a healthy relationship with sex is important to overall wellness.
  • For this reason, two-thirds of those polled are thinking about being more adventurous in the bedroom.
  • Since the quarantine began, 65% have been looking to try new things in their sex lives

But there’s no doubt the coronavirus has impacted folks’ sex lives, but it’s not all negative.

  • In fact, 61% of people say the crisis hasn’t negatively affected their ability to maintain sexual wellness.
  • 51% say their response to physical intimacy is the same, while 28% say it’s less than before the lockdowns began. 

Finding someone to maintain that sex life with may be another issue though.

  • While 47% of folks had a partner before the crisis, only 10% have actually met someone knew since it began.
  • 42% of people say they haven’t met anyone new since the crisis began.

Source:Yahoo Finance