Fixes For Things Your Partner Does That Keep You Awake

Snuggling up to your sweetie and snoozing next to them can be lovely, but if they snore or talk in their sleep? Not so much. Some people do weird things while they sleep and if you’re sharing a bed with them, they’ll probably keep you awake. If you’re tired of them ruining your rest, don’t kick them out of bed forever until you try these solutions from sleep experts to help you deal.

The problem: Their snoring is making you consider getting back on Tinder.

  • Short-term fix- Try to visualize the soothing rise and fall of ocean waves while you listen to their inhales and exhales.
  • Long-term fix- Suggest they consult a sleep specialist so they know what’s really going on and splurge on some ear plugs.

The problem: You’re dating a furnace

  • Short-term fix- Get your self-heating partner into a super-steamy shower before bed to help keep both your body temps down for the night. It’s weird, but it works and so does setting the A/C to a chilly 65.
  • Long-term fix- If you don’t want to run your air conditioning like that, invest in bedding made from breathable material to keep you both cool.

The problem: Their laundry habits are questionable.

  • Short-term fix- Don’t know if the sheets are clean? For now, turn the pillowcase inside out so you’ll be sleeping on the “cleaner” side.
  • Long-term fix- Call them out and tell them what a turn-off dirty bedding is, or insist you guys only stay at your place, where you know everything is freshly laundered.

The problem: They have full-blown conversations in their sleep

  • Short-term fix- Have sex to release hormones like oxytocin and prolactin, which alleviate stress and make you tired.
  • Long-term fix- Encourage your partner to get on a solid sleep schedule where they go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Better sleep hygiene may help stop sleep talking.

The problem - They twitch, kick and move so much it wakes you up.

  • Short-term fix -It’s no big deal if it’s only every once in a while, and a weighted blanket could minimize their movement.
  • Long-term fix- Cut out the boozy nightcaps or try magnesium an hour before bedtime.