Little Girl Goes Viral For Boozy Show & Tell Item

Remote learning can be challenging and even though parents are doing their best, things don’t always go as planned. Just askMeghan Maza Oeser,a mom of six who admits distance learning has “been absolute h*ll” for her family so far. But she hasn’t lost her sense of humor and just shared something that happened in her daughter Penny’s Zoom class that has the Internet cry-laughing with her.

Oeser says her second-grader was supposed to find specific things around the house: something round, something big, something soft and something that smells good. But instead of grabbing perfume or the essential oil diffuser her mom says was sitting within arm’s reach, this kid grabbed something totally unexpected - a bottle of Malibu coconut rum.

Her mom was standing right there and snapped a photo of the surprising moment her sweet little girl held up a bottle of booze to show her online class. Oeser says she wanted to document the entire day since she wouldn’t be taking “traditional back to school photos.” And that hilarious moment brought her some much-needed comic relief while dealing with distance learning for five school-aged daughters and a college kid at home.

Source:Cafe Mom