Parents Still Struggling To Get Kids To Wash Their Hands

Now more than ever we all know that it’s extremely important everyone wash their hands correctly and as much as possible, but apparently parents are having a hard time getting kids to understand that.

A new British survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • Two-fifths of parents with kids ages three to 16 say they still can’t get their kids to wash their hands after using the toilet.
  • About a third say they can’t get their kids to remember to wash their hands after coughing.
  • And another 43% say they still have to remind them to wash before touching or eating food.
  • For this reason, 80% of parents are worried about their kids’ hygiene, especially as the new school year starts.
  • 47% are worried their lack of good washing habits will have them bringing germs back home with them. 

On the plus side, it seems adults are finally getting the message about the importance of hand washing.

  • 38% of adults say they either wash or sanitize their hands 11 or more times a day.
  • Before the coronavirus, most adults only did so about six times a day.
  • Still, 16% of parents are concerned that they aren't setting a good enough example for their kids. 

Source:SWNS Digital