People Are Struggling Because Every Day Feels The Same

Does every day feel the same?It’s not just you. A new survey found that 62% of respondents said all their days feel the same – which is causing them to have difficulty focusing. 60% said they feel a general lack of energy during the day and more than half of those surveyed said the days are going by so fast that the always feel tired. But there’s a bright side. The survey found that people are making a point to do things to keep their minds active.

Here are the Top 10 Activities People Are Doing to Stay Sharp:

  1. Reading -- 46%
  2. Exercising more regularly -- 40%
  3. Doing puzzles -- 37%
  4. Watching documentaries -- 36%
  5. Playing board games -- 33%
  6. Taking a new vitamin or supplement -- 31%
  7. Crosswords -- 31%
  8. Learning a new skill hobby -- 28%
  9. Sudoku -- 17%
  10. Learning a new language -- 17% (SWNS)

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