The Mystery Of The Sketchy Mailed Seed Packets Is Solved

The story behind the mailing of those sketchy seed packers from China is finally solved.

For the last few months, people across America have been getting unidentified seed packets in the mail without ordering them. Some turned out to be harmless, but others were not.

The USDA, FBI, and Customs and Border Protection agencies investigated and found that while many people heeded the warnings, some planted the seeds, while others opted to eat them. (That’s a head scratcher!)

Here’s the breakdown of the scam courtesy of “Motherboard”: It’s a ‘brushing’ campaign, in which items of small value are sent to people whose online accounts have been hacked, or are sent to people as a “gift” in order to leave a positive review from a “verified buyer” (which is weighted higher because the person nominally bought and used the product). You need to have actually bought or received an item, so by receiving seeds, reviews from that account or name will be weighted higher.