TikTok User Reveals How He Scores Free Food From Restaurants Every Day

Want to eat like a king? Start thinking like a thief! That's sort of what TikTok user Noah Wille recommends in a new viral video. The 19-year-old reveals that he scores free eats and drinks every day of the year with nothing but a burner email address and an Excel spreadsheet. "Once upon a time, I made this fake email account that I still use. I get free food or dessert from a restaurant every single day," Wille explains in the clip. "I found a list of a bunch of restaurants that offered birthday freebies. So I put them all in [a spreadsheet], and I put my birthday on each website for a different day of the year. So I have 365 days of free food." His spreadsheet shows that his targets include such iconic chains as Dairy Queen, Benihana, Dunkin', IHOP, and Del Taco. While Wille seems embarrassed that he's "really that person" who would go to such lengths for some free grub, he also insists that it's "well worth it." Read it here

SOURCE: Buzzfeed