Anti-Inflammatory Drug Could Shorten COVID Recovery Times Even More

Drug company Eli Lilly says adding one anti-inflammatory medication to another could shorten coronavirus recovery time by a day, according to the AP. On Monday, Eli Lilly released a study saying that baricitinib, an anti-inflammatory pill already sold to treat rheumatoid arthritis, could be the key to an even faster recovery from COVID-19. In the study, people were given remdesivir, another drug which seems to shorten recovery by four days; those who received both drugs recovered a day earlier. Lilly plans to ask for emergency use of baricitinib for COVID-19 patients; if given the green light, Lilly will propose selling the drug commercially. Deciding how to use all the drugs available to help fight the virus “is something we’re going to have to work at,” says Dr. Jesse Goodman, former U.S. Food and Drug Administration chief scientist. Read more here